Dale Kelly

Appearing: Saturday & Sunday

Autograph: $40

Table Selfie: $20

Autograph on Funko/figure/statue (item provided by attendee): $60

Quote on item: $20

Video Shoutout: $80

Dale “The Captain” Kelly has enjoyed decades of success in the entertainment field. Starting as a radio air talent at KOZZ in his home town of Reno, NV, he has gone on to be a voice actor, producer, engineer, cameraman, nightclub owner, writer, director and game inventor.

Though, well known in several radio markets as a radio personality and station programmer, he is best known internationally as the voice of “The Narrator”, “Captain Ginyu” and “Porunga” from the long running anime show “Dragon Ball Z”.

While in Dallas Dale answered a newspaper ad looking for voice actors for a cartoon show which turned out to be Dragon Ball Z. Dale was chosen to be “The Narrator” (episodes 68-194) and “Captain Ginyu” for the show. He also voiced the doctor of Planet Frieza 79 and Porunga the dragon.

During his time at DBZ, Dale proposed to the heads of the company that due to his many years in radio and familiarity with a large portion of the artists of the late seventies to early nineties, he could use those connections to create unique soundtracks for the U.S. releases of the DBZ movies that would feature these artists.

This led to Dale becoming the music supervisor and producer/writer of the sound tracks to the “HISTORY OF TRUNKS” and “BARDOCK THE FATHER OF GOKU”. These movies feature well known artists Dream Theater, Slaughter, and Bootsy Collins with Buckethead. They also contain four groups that were unknown at the time but would go on to be major artists: Saliva, Cavier, Sum 41, and American Hi-Fi.

Dale’s band Neck Down and the group Triprocket rounded out the list. Much of the filler and mood music for both films was written by Dale and Mark Akin. Both of these videos were the highest selling DBZ videos of that time.