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Wristbands must be worn around your wrist in order to be permitted into the venue. Do not wrap them around your lanyard or other items. 

If you lose your wristband you will be required to purchase another one. Lost or misplaced wristbands will not be replaced. 

Wristbands will allow you to exit and reenter the event. Badges are a keepsake for your collection. 

Senpai’s Sticker Stash

We are a little over a week away from @animeelpaso 2024! Make plans to support your favorite local artists in the Artist Alley by participating in Senpai’s Sticker Stash, a stamp rally event exclusive to Anime El Paso.

To get started, stop by the Megabooth of A47 & A48 to grab a stamp rally card. From there, spend a minimum of $5 at any of the participating artist booths to collect a stamp. Once all the spaces are stamped, return to the Megabooth to collect an exclusive sticker sheet designed by the artists! For an added bonus, all particpants who complete the Senpai’s Sticker Stash stamp rally earn an entry into the grand prize raffle: a gift basket full of artwork donated by the participating artists!

There’s a very limited amount of stamp rally maps available, so be sure to make senpai notice you and give you a stamp while at Anime El Paso next weekend!

Neko Squared

Neko Neko Maid and Host Club is an exciting maid and host cafe based off of idol cafes in Akihabara, Japan! From the moment you enter the door, an adorable maid will be ready to show you to your table where you can get to know your own beautiful maid or host and the other con-goers at your table! Play fun games with your maid or host and even earn prizes! Participate in an epic game of jan-ken-pyon (Rock, paper, scissors!)

Enjoy song and dance performances of popular anime and J-pop songs performed by our lovely maids and hosts!

Death Game: Escape Experience

As the stark, sterile walls close in on you, you awake to find yourself at the mercy of the all-powerful AI Tamarin. With your memory clouded and your freedom stripped away, you must navigate the treacherous challenges of this game or face dire consequences. Welcome to the eerie and dystopian world of “Death Game.”

Your choices and strategies will shape your fate as our protagonists strive to outwit the system and emerge victorious. Will you lead them towards a triumphant escape, or will they perish within the games?

The game begins, and the stakes are higher than ever in our newest escape experience, where your choices determine your fate.

Do be aware that this program is rated 13+.


Why JSA?

The JSA trusted and coveted certification enhances the value and marketability of your items. Your certificate of authenticity includes a JSA registration card with a unique certification number that corresponds to the alpha-numeric tamper evident label. Each certification number is uploaded into our exclusive database for 24-hour customer verification access.


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